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Denmark's Distributed Generation

Generator Testing

From Vision to Reality—InteGrid Partners With Spirae

Denmark is a world leader in integrating renewables and distributed generation, and they currently have approximately 25% wind penetration in their system., the Danish TSO company, and Spirae are partnering to develop an innovative grid management technology to further maximize the contribution from renewables, enhance the utilization of their highly dispersed combined heat and power plants, and offer the ability to pursue an even greater wind penetration.


This control technology is being developed and rigorously tested in the InteGrid Lab.  The InteGrid Lab was designed to simulate a variety of distributed and renewable generation configurations, both grid connected and islanded, and is the ideal platform for scaled testing of control solutions employed for the Denmark power system.


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EmeraChem specializes in the manufacture and sale of proprietary catalytic products for the control of air emissions from diesel-burning vehicles and fossil fuel electric-generating facilities.  Using the natural gas generators available through InteGrid, along with the expertise of scientists at the EECL, EmeraChem was able to understand how its catalysts performed under varying air/fuel ratio and load conditions.