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InteGrid Vision

The InteGrid Laboratory ranks among the world’s most advanced centers for test and development related to renewable energy, distributed generation, and power system management. With an advanced laboratory platform, based on large, commercial-scale equipment and systems, InteGrid Lab can produce visionary “smart grid” solutions with greater assurance and less risk.

The InteGrid Laboratory is powered by world class experience and a broad array of specialties found with Spirae and Colorado State University’s (CSU) Engines and Energy Conversion Lab (EECL). Spirae is a leader in integrating renewable and distributed energy resources into power grids and industrial power systems. Spirae also provides key resources for developing new technologies and products in renewable and distributed energy. The EECL houses the InteGrid Lab, and is a pioneer in engines research and distributed energy resources.

InteGrid enables utility, industrial, and commercial power system managers to develop control applications and grid management strategies with extraordinary confidence. For renewable and distributed technology developers, InteGrid provides all the support necessary to accelerate development, optimize performance, and go to market with a decisive advantage.